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Although there is no doubt that the major function of a cubicle curtain within a hospital is to provide privacy to patients, that doesn’t mean they have to look boring or plain.

Finding stylish hospital privacy curtains that match the decor or color scheme of your office or hospital isn’t impossible if you consider the basic chorus, what will contrast or blend and what patterns you think will match your desired end appearance.

A very important factor to be kept in mind is the overall construction and safety issues with regard to hospital privacy curtains. It is essential to check that the curtains are made from fabric that conforms to IFR (Inherently Fire Retardant). Fabrics that are IFR will remain resistant to fire throughout the life of the curtain, regardless of washing or cleaning. This is far superior to fabrics that are simply treated to be fire retardant, potentially becoming problematic as the curtain ages and goes through different cleaning processes.

Attention to manufacturing of hospital privacy curtains is vital even if one considers using disposable curtains. Ideally, a grommet will provide the strongest and most secure grommet option preventing the curtains from tearing  at the hooks under normal usage. With grommets that are too small or incorrectly attached to the fabric of the curtain the movement of the curtain will detach the grommet leading to frequent replacement and much higher maintenance costs.


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