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Our Services

M.E.P. Operations

Our years of experience and skills in the M.E.P. sector are equipped to offer a full range of electrochemical services to our clients.


  • Low voltage power distribution and control systems, including switchgear, motor control centers, control panels, cabling raceways, and power outlets.
  • Earthing and lightning protection system.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting installation, including lighting control systems.
  • Security system installation and Building Management System (BMS).
Plumbing & Drainage

  • The services consist of the complete supply.
  • Installation of all kinds of piping work as per Qatar Construction Standards.
  • Supply and installation of pumps, water tanks, and sanitary work
  • All types of plumbing, drainage pipes, and accessories.
Air Conditioning

  • Maintenance of all types of air conditioners including HVAC.
  • Repairing of all types of air conditioners including HVAC.
Mechanical Engineering

  • Analyzing problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help solve problems and ongoing design reviews
  • Design or redesign mechanical and thermal devices using analysis and computer-aided solutions identify process deficiencies and develop solutions to improve such deficiencies
  • Investigating the test results changing the design as needed and submitting a scope of work for each project that includes budgetary numbers and the goal of each project
  • Other mechanical-related work to complete the project goals


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