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Carpentry & Gypsum

Golden Keys Trading & Contracting W.L.L (GKT) has the expertise and experience to offer a full range of carpentry & gypsum services as follows:


We undertake all types of finish carpentry including remodels, renovations, alterations, doors, windows, kitchens and trim molding. We have the talent, tools and the know-how to meet your expectations on time. We offer complete installation and painting, caulking, staining, clear coating and finishing of a variety of interior decorative trim moldings. Our professional expertise and excellence is something you can fully rely on for high quality remodeling, plastering, painting and carpentry.



We specialize in creating and installing partitions for a convenient and comfortable working environment. Our partitions help divide your shop to highlight different products and ranges and we offer both straight and curved solutions that are made by a variety of different materials.



This is something that will not be done regularly for sure. Awareness and preparation are essential to ensure the project goes smoothly and according to your expectations. We do this through a process of communication and education to co-create the best possible painting experience for you.



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